We have a beautiful baby girl, Bianca Leonie Curnow. She is now 3.5 months old. I used the hug-a-bub® almost every day in the beginning. Bianca would spend much of her time with me, during the day. I work from home, I am a graphic designer, and being able to have Bianca close to me all the time was wonderful. It made the work guilt free! She would sleep close to me, and it felt wonderful.

I use the hug-a-bub® now with her facing out, she has a strong neck. We go walking almost everyday, with our Puppy, Oliver. And it is terrific to use while grocery shopping. I have recommended your product to all my friends, because I love it.

Paul also wears Bianca, especially when we go out. We happily assist each other to ensure that the straps are wide, in fact, it is more comfortable to wear Bianca in the hug-a-bub® than to carry her, it is less strain on our backs.

Overall, we love it! I have attached 2 photos, one of Paul wearing Bianca, the other of our sleeping, happy, content baby, she really is wonderful. Thank you for your email.
Cheers, Sharon Ammerlaan