" My name is Caroline Constantine and we have a baby girl who is now 12 weeks old named Poppy. We purchased a Hug-A-Bub before Poppy was born and have used it almost every day. We are not that fond of prams and pushchairs and in addition to this our car is so small we would be hard pressed to fit a pram in to it! Both Josh and I agree the Hug-A-Bub is the best thing we have bought and Poppy loves it. We get lots of comments and questions about our Hug-A-Bub and especially with other parents of small babies always end up talking baby-wearing philosophy! I requested some additional brochures when you sent our Hug-A-Bub and I have already given these away (some I sent to New Zealand). Just this weekend we were asked for your details by a fellow we buy our organic lettuce and tomatoes from at the Mt Gravatt market (his name is Bernard) and as he does not have access to the Internet I told him I would do it for him. So, I am requesting a few more brochures if I may, one of which is for Bernard.

Thank you in anticipation and again we think the Hug-A-Bub is the best thing we have bought."

Caroline Constantine - Brisbane QLD Australia